No Credit Needed Financing

No Credit Needed Phones and Tablets 90 Days Payment Option

We now offer no credit needed financing

For cell phones,smart phones,tablets,net books & accessories

Attention:Our No Credit Needed Program is open ONLY to residents of Augusta,Ga and surrounding areas considered as the CSRA(Central Savannah River Area) or customers whom actually enter the store.

If you are outside of this area and are interested in No Credit Needed Leasing please inquire with Progressive Finance at www.progfinance.com to see if there is a merchant in your area that offers the No Credit Needed Leasing

ALL Purchases of $250 or more on our site are eligible for No Credit Needed Financing

 • 40% Instant Approval

• Easy & Affordable Payments

• Online Application

• 90 Day Payment Option

• 8 out of 10 Applications Approved

How does the customer qualify?

There are THREE things we look at to qualify a customer for financing:

1. Employment

2. Income

3. Bank Account

The customer must be employed at least 6 months, gross over $1,000 per month and deposit at least $500 per month. They must have an open and active checking account for at least three months with no NSF’s or overdrafts in the last 30 days.

If you feel that you qualify,feel free to fill out our online application

 Minimum Finance = $300

Maximum Finance = $2,400

Payments are setup to come out on your payday.
* Qualified amounts are set according to bank activity and balances, the amount above is not guaranteed

How Does the Process Work?

Fill out the quick and easy No Credit Needed Application.

Augusta,Ga and CSRA Residents whom can visit the store to receive the merchandise ONLY

Once approved you will be notified and follow the rest of these steps.

1.Go to www.cellallmighty.com/shop  and register as a customer to our store.
2.Shop online and find the items that you wish to purchase and add to your shopping cart.
3.When you are satisfied with your selection,send us an email at 
sales@cellallmighty.com and name the email “INVOICE”
Inside of the email simply leave us your order number.
Be sure to not add anymore items to your cart until after the No Credit Check process.
4.We submit the invoice to our finance partners for them to determine your initial and your monthly payments.
Once this is determined we will send you an invoice for the initial payment and a copy of the lease agreement for you to sign and email as an attachment back to us.
or you can esign it at progapp.com/esign by entering your email and reference id from our finance partner(Progressive Finance)
5.6 to 10 days your purchase will be available to pick up,unless it is already in store.
No Credit Needed Phones and Tablets
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