How to Fix Your Phone Dropped in Water(Toilet or Sink)?

1 in 10 People have dropped their cell phone or other device in water,mostly the toilet or sink causing irreversible and corrosive damage.

Today there are many companies with many waterproof options for our phones,tablets and other personal  electronics that can protect your phone if dropped in water.

Even if you cannot afford a waterproof cellphone like the  Haier W910 IP67 , you can still buy some pretty durable waterproof cases and pouches from many companies specializing in waterproof protection for electronic gadgets.

Still, there are many of us who don’t have a waterproof phone or a waterproof case and subject our electronics to risky water damaging situations.

Believe it or not, one of those places is in the bathroom. According to, 75% of people admitted to sending tweets, e-mails, or having a phone conversation and dropped their phone in water while on the toilet or using a sink.

Here is a pretty detailed infographic on how to fix your phone when it is dropped in water in the  toilet or sink.

how-to-fix-your-phone (1)

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